• The Naxxar Festa is held on the 8th of September, in honour to Our Lady of Victory. The Church and the main streets are decorated in festive colours and people go out to the centre to listen to brass bands playing cheerful music and watch the air/ground fireworks filling the air with an array of colours. – Reference

    Naxxar Festa

  • Take a walk in the old part of the town, start from the road opposite the Parish church, and discover the narrow streets, old houses, wooden balconies and bright coloured flowers that give Naxxar a magical and peaceful character. – Reference

    Take a Walk

  • When the Knights of St. John arrived in Malta they built a number of towers, two of which are in Naxxar: Tal-Kaptan Tower and Gauci Tower. Both were crucial during the Great Siege of 1565. After the Seige, the Knights saw the need to strengthen Malta’s defence line, and so they built another 13 towers, two of which are…

    Defence towers and fortifications

  • On the inside, the main attractions are the painting shows the Birth of Our Lady by Mattia Preti (1613-1699) and the statue of the Vitorja (Our Lady of Victories), which holds a display of precious jewels that the Naxxar people offer the Vitorja in return for answering their prayers. – Reference

    Naxxar – Inside the Parish Church

  • Naxxar Parish church was built in the 17th and is strategically located in the main square of Naxxar. The grand façade of the church is on the baroque style; having a massive bronze door and two clocks, one of which is a painting showing the time as quarter to twelve. – Reference

    Naxxar – Parish Church